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Welcome to the Augmented Reality Blog

blog de realidad aumentada

Welcome to the Augmented Reality Blog

Hi everyone! We’re delighted to announce the beggining of the project ARDev as a virtual and augmented reality development company. If you want to know a little bit more about us, keep reading our first post on the augmented reality blog.

logo de ardev

ARDev, augmented reality development

ARDev is born as a company dedicated to the development of virtual reality and augmented reality apps. It is a project created by Multiplicalia, online design in Seville and Madrid, Spain.

nace como una empresa dedicada al desarrollo de aplicaciones de realidad aumentada, así como realidad virtual. Se trata de un proyecto creado por Multiplicalia, diseño de tiendas online en Sevilla y Madrid.

blog de realidad aumentada desarollando

The team ir really ambitious, and we wanted to go further, so we bet for the technology of the future. That technology is no other than augmented reality and virtual reality. Both concepts ar adaptable to a lot of sectors of bussines, as we will tell you in the future.

Augmented reality blog

This augmented reality blog will be the place where we will tell you all the news about or own projects. Of course, we will coment all the news related to both virtual reality and augmented reality development.

As well, we will try to resolve to basic doubts about the sector, as the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality, what is each of the usable for, how do they work, how much s the cost of having it at home, etc.


blog de realidad aumentada cohete

From ARDev we hope you to join us in this project, something we are really thrilled for and where we have placed our hopes. Of course, if you have any virtual reality or augmented reality project in mind, you can contact us so we can maybe work on it. See you soon!

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