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Virtual fitting room, the new trend in augmented reality

virtual fitting room

Virtual fitting room, the new trend in augmented reality

We currently live in the age of technology, adapting to change is synonymous with survival. The augmented reality is booming and as passionate fans of it we always tell you about the market news, such as virtual reality and sports, a fascinating world. Today we bring you the new novelty in augmented reality. The shops have joined from the first moment to the technological reality that we are living, offering the customer facilities to buy a product. The novelty that comes to clothing stores is the virtual tester. If you still do not know what it is, read our post, we explain all the details.

The virtual fitting room also known as smart fitting room has the following function:

It offers a shopping experience totally different to the customer, more comfortable, quicker and simpler. When the buyer enters the fitting room, the mirror recognizes the chosen garments thanks to the chip they carry. The mirror is a screen where we can choose different models of each garment, size or color.

The screen also suggests accessories with which you can combine the chosen garments. In this way, the person in question does not have to leave the tester every time he wants to try one more size or a different color. Or even that it is not necessary to take off the clothes to “try the clothes on” without undressing.

Technology used in this revolutionary virtual fitting room

The garments incorporate a label controlled by RFI (Radio Frequency Identification) to each garment. With this new chip the inventory is centralized, so it is not necessary to open the boxes to check the size or deactivate the alarms manually. The entire stock is managed digitally.

Augmented reality technology that allows this 3D vision. Large companies like Toshiba, Samsumg or Panasonic are investing in this method.

Probador virtual realidad aumentada

probador virtual realidad aumentada

Clothing firms that bet on the virtual tester

Ralph Lauren and Uniqlo, thanks to its Wi-Fi connection allows the person to take photos and share the experience with their friends.

Alibaba is trying to create a virtual reality glasses so that the customer can buy in a physical store without leaving home. It is necessary to emphasize, that the virtual reality is not cheap and will have a cost of € 50, therefore, it is not available to of all the users.

Iditex, incorporated this technology in some of its stores such as Zara de La Coruña, one of the largest in Spain.

Companies that invest in virtual fitting rooms

Google has developed an application for Gap that allows users to try on their clothes with a digital 3D avant.

Ebay created a software called Retail Associate Platform. It is used to make researches of consumption habit. What products customers look at but do not finish buying, those who buy the most. With this information, reports of performance in warehouse or inventory are generated.

Tell us your opinion about this technology advance created with augmented reality.Virtual tester, the new trend in augmented reality

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