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Playstation VR lowers its price

Playstation VR

Playstation VR lowers its price

Today from ARDev, we bring you great news and is that the company Sony has announced a reduction of 100 euros forever in their Playstation VR. Currently its official price has gone from 399 euros to cost 299, a significant reduction considering that in the first four months since its launch they managed to sell one million units, although its price was not very economical either.

Objectives of Playstation VR

According to Liliana Laporte, general director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain, she said:

– “The price reduction of PS VR will bring this innovative technology to players who want to delve into the virtual reality of PlayStation”

The PS VR catalog has been in constant growth since its launch, offering different adventures that immerse users in a novel way to experience video games.


Playstation VR

It is already starting to be available with its new price in Fnac and other stores such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés or PC Componentes. Recall that the date announced by Sony for that price was on March 29.

New Games

In the same way, and also to encourage the purchase of Augmented Reality, the campaign Only in PlayStation continues active in games in physical format, offering discounts of up to 60% in some titles of Virtual Reality.

Sony Spain highlights that a “new batch of video games and experiences will come to complement the extensive entertainment offer that PS4 users can enjoy. That is to say, news is expected on the Playstation 4 and its VR format.


playstation VR


The PlayStation VR are made up of virtual reality glasses and an adapter that you have to connect to the console. It is not difficult to install, but it is a bit annoying, although once we have everything ready, it offers one of the most comfortable experiences to bring from the market.

They offer lower resolution and graphic quality than other more expensive alternatives based on high-end computers, but in spite of that, they get the quality and the gaming experience not so unequal. Our advice is to wait until more games come out before buying the whole kit. See you in the next post!


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