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Ikea Place, the bet of Ikea to revolutionize the purchase of furniture

Ikea Place, the bet of Ikea to revolutionize the purchase of furniture

The fact that augmented reality is revolutionizing our way we see the world, is a reality like a cathedral. We have already seen that it is applied in fields as diverse as medicine, architecture and even everyday activities such as making a purchase. But we know that you are thirsty to know more. And we, as developers of augmented and virtual reality, even more. That said, we introduce another of the revolutions of the moment: Ikea Place

Ikea Place?

With the motto of “try place in your place”, the furniture manufacturer and supplier par excellence breaks the rules of the game. The Norwegian company Ikea launches an augmented reality application so you can decorate your home as many times as you want without leaving it. What are they chasing? That just as the world changes constantly, so does the way it buys furniture.

¿How does it work?

More than simple. Through the use of Apple’s ARKit technology, Ikea Place elevates the world of decoration to another level. Download the application and follow some simple steps. First, scan the space in which you want to visualize the furniture. Second, search among the products, select them and place them where you want.

Although the intentions of the Swedish tycoon are business, the cases of use of this application go to other countries. Because, Ikea Place will allow to finish with all those things that you tend to retain when entering one of their establishments. We are talking about the endless hours or the time lost in a section where you really did not think to stop. We are also talking about the fights with that or that poor person who accompanies you or the frustration when after four hours you leave empty-handed … So, this application of augmented reality will not only drastically reduce product returns. We have that clear.

¿Who can download it?

Ikea Place is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play. However, you need a device with ARCore. Therefore, you will have to have an Android system or updated IOs as minimum versions 7.0 or 11.0 respectively. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it.

ikea place

With less than half a year in the market, Ikea Place already has numerous downloads. And while the company is constantly updating it, it is expected that by the end of the year it will be as polished as others in the sector. So do not get impatient. Become a decorator is something that is around the corner. If you are interested in learning more about virtual or augmented reality, contact us. We like curious people!

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