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HTC Vive Pro, the best in Virtual Reality

htc vive pro

HTC Vive Pro, the best in Virtual Reality

Welcome again to ARDev’s augmented reality and virtual reality blog! Today we are talking about one of the latests progress in virtual reality. They are the HTC Vive Pro, the new HTC’s virtual reality glasses.

What is new in HTC Vive Pro?

HTC Vive Pro virtual reality glasses have a lot great news comparing them both with is predecessors, HTC Vive, and the whole market of virtual reality glasses. This is a huge quality step in HTC, which wanted to palliate, with this glasses, the mistakes that users saw in the previous ones.

Better immersion in Virtual Reality

There are a few improvements in HTC Vive Pro to give a better immersion. One side there is the screen, which has a 78% better resolution that the Vive, reaching 2880×1660 px. Almost nothing. Besides, the have redesigned the face cushion to offer a better comfort, plus more isolation from exterior light.

On the other side, they have added integrated headphones in the HMD, something very criticized in the previous model. In this case, the headphones come integrated with 3D Spatial Audio, which will make you hear every word and sound exactly as its creator wanted to.

htc vive pro auriculares

Besides, they have better ergonomics, offering unique comfort in virtual reality glaseses. These three aspects combined, are the ones that made the HTC Vive Pro to have a unique immersion in the market.

Better adaptation to surrounding

Although immersion is the key aspect in any virtual reality glasses, its adaptation to surroundings should not be left aside. In this field, the HTC Vive Pro has make a cualitative giant step.

These new glasses include two frontal cameras which help the HMD to understand what is around it, so it can reproduce it in the experience that the user is living. That is, we won’t have again the feeling that we are bumping into a wall, we will see it inside the game.

htc vive pro camaras

The headphones we mentioned before, are designed to isolate every noise from outside. Even so, they have the possibility to change to Alert Mode or Conversation Mode, which allow us to listen to our surroundings. These changes are made by voice, as the HTC Vive Pro come with incorporated microphones.

To top off its creation and to offer an unique experience, HTC has included a technology in the Vive Pro that allows users to play without cables. That means that we can move freely over the place. This makes the experience to go further that 360º.

No doubt that the HTC Vive Pro are a huge progress in virtual reality progress. We are sure that other competitors will launch virtual reality glasses in few time to compite with the new HTC Vive Pro. We will be here to tell!

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