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What is a 3D hologram?

A three-dimensional hologram is defined as a projection that exists freely in space and is visible without the need for 3D glasses.

It is the result of the joint evolution of photography and new technologies as 3D holograms open up a great number of possibilities for the presentation of products, objects, services and animated sequences.

The most significant difference when we compare this technology with traditional screens is that the hologram is visible from all angles and gives the impression that it is floating in space. It has a 100% realistic image, allowing the viewer to look at it from any position without the image being distorted.

What do you need to create projections?

To create these 3D projections, two things are mainly needed. The first and most important is the hologram (or holographic pyramid) projector: it is the main instrument that allows the hologram to be projected.

In addition, we will need the animation or image we want to project in the room, and it can also help us with an object that is physically present to give the impression that the 3D hologram and the real object are interacting with each other.

What makes it different from other forms of advertising?

Whether you have a big business or a small company, whether you want to present products or simply project the corporate logo, 3D holograms give your company an innovative and up-to-date image, unlike the classic forms of advertising among which we could find posters or simple screens with images.

Although this new way of advertising is gradually expanding, it is still unknown to most of the general public and may surprise many customers.

What are the uses of this?

  • Presenting products in an innovative way

3D holograms are a new and innovative way to show products to your customers as it allows you to see the product in its three dimensions. Holographic projections offer a much more realistic and detailed image of what the original product would look like, as opposed to conventional screens with a simple static image of the product.


Without a doubt, 3D holograms are the form of advertising that most attracts the customer’s attention.

  • To create emotions

But not only can they be used to project specific objects, but visual effects such as fire, water, fog or smoke can be added to them to recreate sensations that other forms of presentation are unable to achieve.

3D holograms can also be used to create the atmosphere surrounding the product. For example, if we are presenting a luxury product such as jewellery, we can add effects such as the projection of sun rays to the object to give the impression that they are shining more, or simply a golden background that enhances the object being displayed much more.

  • To explain complex concepts in a simple way

The process of creating machinery or animated sketches in three dimensions are examples of technical concepts that would be complicated to present simply with a presentation on a screen in two dimensions, but that with the use of the 3D hologram become a projection that everyone is able to visualize and understand without much difficulty.

  • To surprise your customers.

Because technological development occurs so quickly, we are rarely surprised when new advances are made. That is why 3D holograms are an innovative form, which will capture the customer’s attention instantly, being surprised by the possibility of observing a product or service in three dimensions without being physically present. Furthermore, it is a sign that the company is aware of the latest technologies and does not hesitate to make use of them to make a long-term impression.

Where are they usually used?

3D holograms can be used in as many places as required, although the most common places are fairs or congresses, the commercial premises itself, exhibitions, museums, product presentations, advertising events, conferences, etc.

How is a 3D hologram developed?

The creation of a 3D hologram consists of four basic steps:

  1. The idea

To start with its creation, you must decide what product, service or process you want to present, what the message will be, what visual effects it will have and where the presentation will take place. This first meeting aims to develop an initial idea to decide which holographic projector best fits the needs of the company and whether it is compatible with the space in which it will be used.

  1. The storyboard

The storyboard describes and visualizes the key ideas of the holographic presentation. Once decided and approved, the 3D design team will start working on the final result.

  1. The design

The 3D models are designed with photorealistic textures and projected with the light indicated by the 3D artist. Additionally, you can work with sound artists to achieve a much more realistic and multisensory finish.

  1. The finish

Finally, a real object can be used as a reference to perfectly imitate textures and serve as a basis for projection. The last phase will be to project the 3D hologram to the client and have him fascinated by this technology.

What do you get out of it?

Companies have commented on many advantages after using 3D holograms, such as a 30% increase in sales, improved client-company communication, more time spent by the client at the stand of an event, greater attention span (2-3 minutes more than usual), the product is more easily remembered, there is a more positive image of the company, the company receives a mostly positive feedback, among others.

What does ARdev offer?

In ARdev we are specialists in state-of-the-art technology and virtual reality. Therefore, if you are thinking of using 3D hologram technology to enhance your business or for any of the above, we offer both the design and installation of the device.

3D holograms are the newest and most effective way to create a positive impression that will be maintained in the long term by the client, boosting your sales and giving a totally updated and digitalized image to your company.

3D holograms are the newest and most effective way to create a positive impression that will be maintained in the long term by the client, boosting your sales and giving a totally updated and digitalized image to your company.