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google arm

Google. Always Google. The company of the 1 followed by 100 zeroes is willing to be the biggest giant of technology worldwide and they show it every day with their innovations. And, recently, they have developed the Google ARM, the first microscope that uses augmented reality together with artificial intelligence. In addition, as it could not be otherwise, from ARDev, expert developers of augmented and digital reality, we will give you all the details.

Google ARM and the fight against cancer

The Google ARM is an augmented reality microscope capable of learning in order to detect more quickly and accurately the cancer, a fact that the company believes will be a before and after in the adoption of automated learning of modern medicine



How does Google ARM work?

The prototype, presented on the company YouTube channel, is able to detect cancer cells in real time thanks to the learning obtained through the artificial intelligence implemented in it. Once it detects a cell with those characteristics, it highlights it digitally thanks to the augmented reality software, as well as it makes it possible to put arrows, comments, heat maps, etc…

A qualitative leap in the field of medicine

As we discussed in previous posts, augmented reality and virtual reality in medicine was already beginning to take its first steps, as well as helping disabled people to perform their daily tasks with total normality and autonomy. Now, and thanks to Google, many hospitals can benefit from this breakthrough.

The company has announced that this technology is perfectly adaptable to any type of microscope, without the need to have digital samples of the tissues that are to be analyzed. The most significant, in addition, is that Google say that it can be used to detect other infectious diseases, such as malaria or tuberculosis. A full-fledged democratization.

google arm

We find it amazing how this company does not stop innovating and researching to offer more services and help different fields. Stay tuned to our ARDev blog, as we are professional augmented and digital reality developers and we will bring you the latest news from the sector. Until next time!

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