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Disabled people: making the purchase with augmented reality

personas con discapacidad

Disabled people: making the purchase with augmented reality

Making the purchase is an activity of our daily life. Every familiy needs to do it at least once a week. We have a hard time having to do it and we do not stop to think that there are people that yes, they would like to be able to make the purchase. It is very difficult for disabled people to move around the supermarket and choose their products.

Several improvements have already been made to make it easier for them to carry out this activity. There are ramps for wheelchairs and parking dedicated to them. However, there is a problem that was not so easy to solve and is that the shelves are very high and disabled people can not catch some products. Today at ARDev, developers of augmented and virtual reality we will explain how Augmented Reality can make the purchase more affordable.


disabled people

Augmented Reality to rescue disabled people

Augmented Reality can help with the problem that people with disabilities have when making a purchase. An app has been developed that allows users to look at products without having to pick them up. Thus, once the customer enters the store they are given a device with the application in which they have an exact virtual replica of the store.

The customer can walk around the store like any other person and when he sees something that he likes, he only has to point the device towards the shelf. The application will show you the products that are in it with all the updated information such as the price or the expiration date. If the user decides to buy, all he has to do is add the product to his virtual cart. When you have everything you need, indicate in the application that you have finished and the shop staff will take care of preparing your purchase.

The solution is designed for different levels of disability. Thus, people in wheelchairs who can move their arms freely are given a tablet, as they will have no difficulty in using it. But, people who can barely move their hands can also take advantage of the Augmented Reality to make their purchase, since they will be granted a smart glasses that allow them to interact with the products thanks to its voice interface.

disabled people

It may seem that in this case the Augmented Reality does not allow to do anything new that no longer allowed the online purchase. But let’s not forget that the purchase itself does not count as much as the experience of doing it. In addition, it will make people feel more satisfied and fulfilled, since it helps them to do their daily tasks without being dependent all the time of anyone.

We hope you liked the post. If you want to have more information about augmented or virtual reality you can contact us and we will help you.


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