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Augmented reality, the future

realidad aumentada

Augmented reality, the future

Augmented reality is a technology which complemented the real world with the digital world, superimposing the images generated by the computers, smartphones, tablets or special displays at what it’s happening in real time.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

Although at a glance they could appear very similar, virtual reality and augmented reality are two different technologies.

The first one replicates a real enviroment (or imaginary) supplying to the user the feeling of beeing inside of its, thanks to its vision and audition. The virtual reality might be experimented through the use of special glasses.

realidad aumentada

However we also have the mixed reality, a kind of glases which mixed both realities to create a total interaction between worlds. 

realidad aumentada

With the augmented reality, we can increase the online sales because it’s possible to develop new shapes of present a product. This apps allow the consumers try, in a way almost real, a product before buying it.

realidad aumentada

Augmented reality is a system which serves to enrich the real world with useful and valuable information. 

It offers cultural benefits, of security and saved time, providing aditional information in real time in a position or specific enviroment, without the necessity of looking for it. 

Ways of using augmented reality

There are many ways of using augmented reality in business, allowing to the users trying new clothes in a virtual way, but as well, to engage new clients with this apps of augmented reality.

realidad aumentada

There are 3 principal ways where you can use it:

  1. First at all, head display which allows you to see virtual objects through the graffic information reflected in the eyes of the person.
  2. You can also find hand display, it is any mobile deviced or tablet that we use every day.
  3. And spacial display, it is more practical because the virtual objetcs are projected everywhere.


It might help also to reduce costs in yout business because you will be able to comunicate everything abour the products, services and news from your mobile deviced. You will be able to increase your sales and clients everywhere without having a shop in each place.

Many people say that virtual reality is the new 3D, but they are wrong. Unlike this one, with the “virtual reality” headset, the user carries his mind to other places, to the point of feeling that you are there. 

Certainly, we are in front of a big technological transition to the evolution of the Humanity.

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