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Augmented reality games

location based augmented reality

Augmented reality games

Apple has done it again. With the new ARKit software for iOS11 we can get a better performance to the augmented reality games of our iPhones. And it’s cool!

The developers have taken advantage of ARKit to remove apps and games that bring us closer to the Augmented Reality in the day to day. Here you have a list of Augmented Reality games that you can download now.


Augmented Reality Games

It is said Pokemon Go was the first game for smartphones that bring us the augmented reality but it is not the only one. There you are a little list of other realises:

  • ARise.  Game in which we will have to gather platforms so that our character can move from one place to another. For this it will be necessary to move physically, since it depends on the angle and position of the mobile or tablet. When we look from a certain position, the corridors, stairs and other structures seem completely misaligned, but by moving we can find the right perspective to allow the passage.

augmented reality games


  • Splitter Critters. In Splitter Critters we will have to make cuts in a two-dimensional map created virtually in the room where we are to join paths. We have to make the creatures reach their spaceship, which will always be at the end of the map

augmented reality game


  • AR Dragon. AR Dragon is a virtual pet simulator with which we can have a real dragon. We must incubate an egg and take care of it until it is born. Then we will have to feed him, play with him and ultimately accompany him as he grows up, providing him with everything necessary for it.

juego de realidad aumentada

  • Conduct AR. We are in the Wild West where we have to exchange roads, avoid collisions, inspect landscapes, solve spatial puzzles and keep everything under control so that the train can move correctly along the three-dimensional map.

juego de realidad aumentada

Do you know more augmented reality games that we have not commented on? Tell us which one is your favorite! Soon you will discover which is ours …. To be continued !!!

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