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When using a smartphone is mandatory to enjoy your drink

When using a smartphone is mandatory to enjoy your drink

We cannot say augmented reality is knocking the door trying to take part of our lifes. Reality is, nor augmented nor technological, it is already here. If we tell you there is an augmented reality bar, what would you think?

Smartphone games, interactive with video games consoles, simulations of real and fantastic situations, museums… and more. But we are here today to tell you about Artechouse, the first museum-bar of augmented reality. Mixing a museum with a bar and, furthermore, add to this weird mix augmented reality could be something crazy. But the truth is it is a real success in Washington, USA. So much so in few months, six to be exact, it has been named place of turistic interest.



To enter this museum is to open your mind to a new art conception: you can interact with your own shadow, to turn into a giant rat, to play with leafs… and inmerse yourself in the world of the Nutcracker Prince. Although, they are not needed these popular VR glasses but your own body and your smartphone. In other words, truly interactive art, changing the theme every three months, making us want to come back then to enjoy the next scenario. What’s more, if we get tired of this magical experience, quite questionable in my opinion, we can go to the bar and continue enjoying the magic.



Thinking about it, whoever had the idea of being mandatory to use our smartphones is, neither more nor less, someone who sees what is going on in most of the bars and restaurant around the world: diners taking pictures to the dishes and drinks, group of friends asking for pictures to the waitress, silences that do not become unconfortable because we are more focused on what people shares online than the person we have in front of us… and a large etcetera of similar situations.

So, if we take this and effects are added, characters dancing around our drinks and animations worthy of animation movies, we have the perfect coctail for the era we are living in, making us interact with other people showing them our augmented drink.

An innovative idea for a tech that has much more to offer.


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