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How augmented reality applications and voice assistants will innovate

How augmented reality applications and voice assistants will innovate

From ARDev, developers of ar and vr, we seek to offer you information about the new technological trend that is augmented reality. So this week we tell you how augmented reality applications, together with voice assistants, will transform our environment.

To see, there was to go. To hear, one had to approach the speaker or any other source of sound. So after all our existence saving the distances so that our eyes and ears reach landscapes, events, discourses, music … the technological companies approach us to sounds and images through augmented reality.


How augmented reality applications affect our environment

augmented reality applications

Not only can we see and hear our world, we can also intervene in what we see and hear, because we can interact. It is now when augmented reality and voice assistants finish this approach to the world, to the point that we can look at it and ask here as if we were there.

This combination can take us the feeling of having an invisible robot by our side that answers our questions and with which we have a conversation. What it will do, also, that every time we give ourselves to know more and to develop a close relationship of proximity with the “companion”.

The orality and the even richer conversation that can be maintained with the assistant, beyond the simple interactions, on very varied topics and tasks, will allow without openness from our environment the open dialogue that even the company makes possible.

How it is applied in the industry

aplicaciones de realidad aumentada

In addition, this combination has an industrial application. In many factories at the time of resolving doubd of the workers in the assembly lines, these must leave their work place and go to offices, where hundreds of manuals are accumulated in which is the answer to their need.

As a solution to this problem, a system can be implemented that, through voice and visual recognition, is capable of processing requests for information or orders to the central teams, without having to leave their work station for a second.

The integration of the physical and digital world for the improvement of industrial processes reaches many other fields, such as the use of augmented reality to show real-time visualizations of assembly manuals in factories or, even, to get workers in Off-site production plants can understand and interact, in real time with the documentation around their work even if it is in another language.

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