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Augmented reality and sport: an amazing combination

realidad aumentada y deporte wallpaper

Augmented reality and sport: an amazing combination

The worlds of augmented reality and sport are shaking hands and everything points to that they will become inseparable in the coming years. And not only as a result of arbitration, as in the sport king, but in the training and retransmissions of different sporting events.

Does communion between augmented reality and sport make sense?

If we look at it from the point of view of the athlete and his coach (or team and technical staff), using augmented reality technology is a natural step: monitor in real time the vital signs and performance of each athlete to later analyze them, make strategies, improve training and a long list of etceteras.

Using virtual reality devices or augmented reality would also help to  create environments with adverse conditions and achieve better performance in situations that are not easily accessible, such as a snowboarder who needs to train during the summer.

augmented reality and sport snow


From the public point of view, being immersed in the environment of those events, competitions, shows, is what is wanted when they are broadcasted.

Imagine, then, being able to enjoy a game or a race from the perspective of the athlete, like a Formula 1 race, being inside the car, being able to see what the pilot sees, perceiving the environment like them, or transporting us to any point of the stands. Or, for example, live a chat in the locker room tunnel when players are about to jump on the field.

augmented reality public


And not only that, but to enjoy the statistics immediately, whenever we want, without waiting for the realization of the event to decide to broadcast them, as well as real-time repetitions.

It is a fascinating field, and it makes one’s mouth water to think that in the very near future we can participate in major sporting events, and not only if we pay for the entrance or if we see it on the traditional television.

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