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Virtual reality revolutionizes architectural plans and interior design

planos de casas

Virtual reality revolutionizes architectural plans and interior design

There was a time when, for doing architectural plans, you had to spend huge amounts of hours, pencils, squares and triangles. Luckily, this has changed. Currently, creating architetural plans is much more fun and easier. And you might be wondering, why is that? The answer comes together with virtual and augmented reality. Today in ARDev, augmented and virtual reality developers, we would deeply dive into the amusing world of this technology applied to construction and interior design fields.

Neither architectural plans nor architecture will be the same

Do not put the cart before the horse, as our mothers used to say. This is why we will start step by step: from the beginning of architecture to the last step: decoration.

Augmented reality in architecture

When talking about construction or refurbishment, augmented reality allows us, from the very beginning of the project, to create architectural plans in a much easier way. This is possible thanks to specific apps that enable us to create instantaneously, by using your smartphone, your plans. You only will need to click where the corners are and will, immediately, have a 3D model of your room.


Showing the customer the result of the project has never been this easier.

Doing architectural plans gets faster… But, can you imagine how faster can get the proccess of presenting the project -with every detaill included- to the customer? They will see all the angles from every perspective, how the sun shine works in every part of the biulding and, if we have virtual reality goggles, they could experience how it feels to be inside their house-before it is even finished-. Think about the advantages. So, obviously, we don’t want scale models anymore.

And of course, interior design

Having seen all the facilities that come together with this technology, is the time for the last step: decoration. Because not everybody wants a completely new house, but a redecoration of the one they alredy have. Both customers or professionals who work in the field, there are useful apps in this brand of architecture.

From using augmented reality with our smartphones for installing furniture, curtains or tapestry, to using virtual reality goggles to immerse in the “alredy finished” room.

Certainly, we adore this application and we wish we can experience it ourselves in the future. The world is changing rapidly and are not even noticing. Technology is, simply, awesome. If you are looking for more info or have any doubts, contact us and we will help you. ¡See you soon!

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